How to begin a BDSM relationship in three weeks

It really took longer than 3 weeks; but before I say any more I think I should define some terms. He’s so used to being kinky and being around kinksters that he assumes everybody knows this stuff. But as a newly reformed vanilla (non-kinky) person, I know better. To the experienced kinky folk out there: you might just want to read his posts and ignore mine, since mine will be kinda kink-with-training-wheels.

So that’s your first definition: vanilla = non-kinky.

Second definition: D/s = dominance and submission. In our case, he is sexually dominant and I am sexually submissive. Some people like to switch between being dominant and submissive and they are called…switches (a third definition).

Third (or fourth) definition: 24.7 = We are 24/7 D/s, which means I don’t just submit to him in the bedroom, I submit to him all day, every day.

If you are a vanilla person reading this, and anything like I’ve been for most of my life, the hair on the back of your neck may be standing up right now. I’ll talk more about this later but for now I’ll just say…I had a great childhood with terrific parents, I’ve got a couple of advanced degrees, I’ve got a prestigious high-paying job, I’m a feminist. I am not mentally ill and this is not abuse. This is GREAT, KINKY SEX! I promise. Stay with me.