How I took her anal virginity

I’m writing this in the early morning, about 5 am. Amy is stirring in the bed beside me, so I have one hand on her,and she is hugging my arm while she sleeps.


I type now with my left hand.

Her breathing is deep,and even.

She rests naked under the duvet. When I move my hand gently on her she makes little happy sounds. I find her nipple, already partially erect, and as I cradle her breast she awakes enough to kiss my arm faintly.

She may not remember this moment by dawn.

She settles again.

I watch her in the darkness.


I know so little about her.

She showed me her high school yearbook last night. A pretty 18 year old in a tiny sundress, president of her sororiety – did I spell that last word right? She’ll let me know. She spells everything right. She is scary smart.

I read her last post. I knew she was an anal virgin; I didn’t know she had had someone try to fuck her ass though, and stopped them. I was sure she had told me she had never done it because no one had ever been interested. So somewhere the story got confused. Like I said, so much to learn.


I’m teasing her nipple gently and she’s moving just the tiniest little bit under my touch, and giving a breathy little whimper as she squirms.

I will learn a lot about her by what she writes here. There are so many accidental secrets between us, and stories we have yet to share. Good stories, and dark ones. I know the first time she had sex she was date raped. I don’t know much about it other than that.

But we will learn.

We talk of many things, science, religion, sex; even sealing wax and kings. Her mind she calls a monkey mind; always active. When I tell her a story I rarely finish it, as it always spurs a new thoughts in her own head that bursts to get out. If I am patient, I get the chance to speak again and finish what I am telling her.

If I am wise, I keep silent and learn more about her.

She has awakened briefly, and now presses against me. My hand slowly strokes her bare shoulder and back.

I am deeply in love with her.

I remember talking to her on the phone after my first month of knowing about her, and long before we ever met. We talked about D/s relationships, and something she said about service made me say she might want to be a slave. Neither of us wanted that; her to be a slave, nor me to have one, and yet here we are.

We are both learning.

About each other.

About ourselves.

She is awake now; her back to me. My hand discovers a fully erect firm nipple, then another as I slowly explore her breasts. Her naked ass wiggles warmly against my leg, and she makes the soft, soft sounds of a woman who feels the need of a man come upon her.

Dawn is coming.

But we begin, as any couple, in the dark.


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