Fuck me the right way

Gosh, Richard’s last post was so romantic. Several things he said brought tears to my eyes. You’d probably be surprised, given the sentiment in which he wrote about watching me sleep, what happened next.

“she makes the soft, soft sounds of a woman who feels the need of a man come upon her.”

I probably did. I’ve realized since being with him that I make a lot of noises I’m not aware of – cooing, purring, moaning, even saying “nonono” while I’m being fucked. What woke me up was being fucked, hard, and then flipped over onto my belly. He was holding my ankles and pulling my legs down the bed.

“Lift up your legs.”


I tried to think what position he wanted me in. He was using his no-nonsense voice, so I didn’t want to ask too many questions or god forbid complain.

I tried to lift one leg, but that wasn’t right. It just made him yank harder and he sounded annoyed.

“Keep your legs together. Lift them.”

I went a little limp and let him position me. As I wakened more, I realized that he was pulling me onto his lap. WTF??? It wasn’t even six in the morning! Was I really going to get a spanking?

I was.

He started spanking gently, moving from cheek to cheek. It tingled a little, but didn’t hurt. In fact, it felt kind of good. I have a hard time admitting that, but it did.

Then he started spanking harder. I moaned a little complaint. That wasn’t a good idea. He spread my legs and started spanking my pussy. That hurt AND it was embarrassing. Unfortunately, me being embarrassed makes both of us hot, and he has a radar for my embarrassment.

“I know you’re a good girl.”

He spanks my pussy so hard it stings.

“I’m not spanking you to punish you.”

He spanks my pussy again, harder, and I moan. His fingers rub along my clit, and then back, and he begins to play with my asshole. I can feel that his hand is wet. This means that my pussy is wet, and I know that he knows my pussy is wet. Even more embarrassing.

“I’m spanking you so that you know what it will be like if you’re bad.”

“If you’re bad, I’ll spank you like this, but much, much harder.”

He begins to spank my ass again, but harder. The thudding jars through my body, and I can feel both cheeks heating up. I am whimpering and pleading under my breath. Not pleading out loud, because that gets me into trouble. I don’t want any more trouble than I already have.

“Are you going to be bad?”

“No! I won’t be bad. I promise. I’m never bad. You know I’m never bad.” Then I sob.

Sobbing was a mistake. He loves it when I sob. The spanking gets harder.

As he spanks me, he explains to me in a calm voice that he expects me to be a good girl, and if I’m not, I will get a much worse spanking than the one I am getting now. I can’t really imagine a worse spanking than this, and I hate it that it is making my pussy so wet, especially when he spreads my legs to spank my pussy some more, or when he takes a break to run his wet fingers around my clit, then teases my cunt and my asshole before spanking some more.

After a while, the constant percussion puts me into a trance and I can sense when he begins to hit harder or to lighten his touch, but I don’t really feel it. I’m no longer complaining, I may be whimpering or moaning – you would have to ask him, because I don’t know. He stops to admire my ass, and stands me up and shows me in the mirror. It’s bright red, and I can see his fingermarks.

Then I have to get up and go to work.


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