The time we did the Schoolgirl Spanking

Amy had some work to finish at home this weekend, so we decided to head out early Saturday, and then come back and settle in to get some things finished. At least, that was the plan.

Amy showed me this great little restaurant she likes, and we had breakfast there, then went out for a look around the antique shops in the area. I wanted her in a skirt, so earlier that morning she picked out this outfit with a sweater, but I wanted a more schoolgirl look, so I had her replace the sweater with a blazer.

She looked quite sedate, although no one knew that she had this wicked little lace pair of boy cut panties on underneath.

We had a great time looking at some furniture from the 1950s, with me casually running my hand up under her skirt at opportune moments. She gets stressed out about that, as she is NOT exhibitionistic, and is worried that someone will catch her at a vulnerable moment. She told me a cute story about something that happened to her on a beach once when she was 18.

She lay face down on the beach getting a tan, with her top untied, when a rogue wave swept up onto her. She jumped up, startled, her breasts bare, right in front of an Australian man who was walking along the beach. Mortified, she tried to cover herself, with sadly (for her) less than perfect results.

The man strolled by again later, and when Amy saw him coming, noticed his smile and hid her face in her towel until she thought he had passed. She looked up to be sure he was gone, but saw him looking at her, and since he had caught her eye, he told her, “Young lady, you have superb breasts.” Amy found a new level of embarrassment, and once again hid her face in her towel, turning her signature brand of bright pink, no doubt.


After a morning shopping, we returned home, where I had Amy stand in the corner.

I had her stand in the corner, and lift her skirt to show off her panties, which she finds quite humiliating.

Very lovely, and after a few pictures I put down the camera and gave her a proper spanking as she stood holding her skirt up.

Somehow, the spanking turned into me pinning her into the corner with my body, as I explored her with my hands, and Amy wriggled and tried to get out of my grasp. I eventually pressed her face down onto the stairs alongside this corner, and forced the lace panties to one side as I took her, then removed them and turned her over on the stairs and entered her again, with less protesting and struggling on her part.

Since I couldn’t get good purchase on the stairs, I took her by her hair and led her over to the couch, which served us well until exhaustion put an end to this phase of the proceedings.


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