Got it in the rear end again

That’s right. I got ass fucked again. I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d only been ass-fucked twice. Now it’s three times.

But I’m not sure whether I should write about my ass-fucking, or about when he blindfolded me and tied my hands and then went down on me for an hour, bringing me to the edge then stepping back over and over and over, until he finally let me cum in a screaming, slamming, writhing orgasm.

Or I could write about him taking me to bed last night and face-fucking me, then pushing me to the bottom of the bed, where he made me sleep with his cock in my mouth or in my hand all night. He would pull me up next to him during the night when he felt like fucking me, then shove me back down to the base of the bed.

I know what I’m NOT going to write about. I’m NOT going to write about his awful last post, and in particular those awful pictures he took of me. Nonononono, I’m not. : (



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