Permission to pee

Midnight. Amy is lying beside me again tonight, sleeping. Fucked out, and resting. She woke once to go pee again, and I play briefly with her breasts and nipples as she settles back in again smiling beside me. I see the shape of her nude body under the duvet as she stirs again, awaking confused and asking me what is happening. She knows I plan to wake her and fuck her again before morning, but not yet, and I let her slide back to sleep.

We went to bed early tonight; Amy wasn’t feeling good and wanted to rest. Watching her get undressed, she had on matching red lace panties and bra. Very tempting. But she’s not feeling good, so I passed on the temptation, and let her sleep up in the bed beside me.

Not sure how things started, but I think she actually woke me up a few hours later. A long, slow exploration, with my hands paying extra attention to her ass cheeks, then pinning her down and playing with her breasts, as she began to writhe and moan with the rough handling of her nipples.

I felt very tired, and only half awake, more in a mood to control her than to use her, so I sent her off to pee. She hates that – she has to ask permission whenever she wants to pee, which she has now gotten used to, but when I make her pee it still has a very powerful effect on her.

She comes back to the bed feeling different. Embarrassed, and subdued. Not nearly as openly excited as when I had been toying with her just before, but I know her well enough to know that the wild child is still just beneath the surface.


Amy’s sexy barely clad ass that I played with tonight.

I take her back in my arms, and begin to play with her body again, playing with her ass, separating her ass cheeks and stroking and squeezing along her ass crack, and manhandling her breasts. I tease her about being embarrassed briefly, but then begin to work more on building her need. Holding her, pinning her down, kissing her neck.

Before long she is openly aroused; not yet willing to beg me to fuck her, but reaching over and gripping my leg, wriggling, and panting quietly.

I flip her over onto her belly, and drag her ass into the air toward me. Her favorite position, and one that I know builds her need to cum. I press my cock into her wetness, and she buries her face in the bedding.

We fuck.

She moans, and reaches between her legs repeatedly to play with my cock, and to hold my balls as I fuck her from behind. She wants me to cum in her, though she doesn’t say so, but she knows it’s hard for me to fight it off when she plays with me like this.

And she’s right. It is hard to keep from cumming for a few brief moments, but I hold it off and continue fucking her. She makes quiet moans, very unlike the ones she makes when I fuck her in the missionary position. Those moans sound almost surprised, as if with each thrust she is startled to realize that I am still fucking deep into her; quiet little delicate cries before the wildness takes over, and she begins to bite and claw.

From behind she usually begs, whimpering to be fucked, or asking “please please please.” I don’t know what she is asking for. She doesn’t either – she never remembers saying it, it just flows from some primal place of submission whenever I fuck her from behind, my hands gripping her pelvic girdle and pulling her back hard onto my cock as I fuck her.

I tease her about being my slut, and ask her if she needed to fuck like this. I force the admission from her; she does not ever willingly admit her need.

We fuck until exhaustion, and I lay beside her stroking her body, placing my knee between her legs and inviting her to press her pussy against my knee if she needs relief, as I twist her nipples hard, making her writhe and anxious to fuck more. Cruelly I forbid her to touch herself, as I feel her need to cum growing.

My fingers dance along her pussy, teasing, and I suck on her nipples. Amy can cum from just having her nipples teased, so her arousal is extreme, and she begs for me to touch her clit, or to let her touch it.

I take her hands and force her to touch all around her pussy, but do not allow her to touch her clit. Her clit is off limits. She whimpers with frustration, but obeys, her own fingers now driving her need higher. She bites my shoulders, probably unaware of what she is doing, as she has done before.

I taunt her.

Then I let her play with her clit, but refuse to let her cum. I force her to masturbate, but don’t let her cum, and she wriggles and writhes and gasps. I want to see if she can cum with my cock in her, and we try that briefly, but it forces her legs too wide, and I am unhappy with the results, so I make her masturbate while I lie alongside her and play with her tits, telling her what sexy tits she has.’

She hates the word “tits.”

I manhandle her tits roughly, humiliating and exciting her, and she masturbates frantically. She pleads for me to allow her to cum, but I take my time, then I tell her to cum, or I will punish her by making her sleep on the floor, which she knows I am anxious to make her do. I demand that she cum now, or be punished.

A few more tense moments as she urges herself towards release, and then suddenly she cums.

Loudly, this time, and writhing on the bed. I am surprised; usually she goes rigid, and cums in dead, intense silence, the ripples flowing over her body, but this time she cums moaning and holding her cunt, legs squeezed together as she rocks back and forth.

I force her legs open, and enter her as she feels the aftershocks, and begin to fuck her again. Normally I would cum in her, but I am too tired tonight. I slow, and hold her, the two of us whispering to each other was we slowly come to a halt amid gentle kisses and happy smiles.

It’s been an hour and a half.

She lies beside me now, nude, sleeping and breathing deeply. When I finish this post, I will reach over for her, my hands playing across her ass, my fingers and lips on her nipples, and I will press her down onto her back, open her legs with my knee, and fuck her again.

The night is dark and silent, and I feel her body beckon.


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