Counting the times I had anal sex

I suppose I will eventually quit keeping track of the number of times I’ve been ass-fucked. But not yet.

Last night Richard put on my new collar, and then had me sleep in it. Ooooo it’s so pretty! It’s pale blue with rhinestones, and it has a little pink heart tag with my name and Richard’s cell phone number on it. He says that’s in case I get lost, someone can bring me back to him.

It made me feel very owned and very submissive. I woke up several times during the night and felt it around my neck and I felt so happy, so content.

We actually slept through the night without fucking (seriously, this is I believe a first in over a month!), but at 6 am Richard woke up and decided to fuck me in the ass.

A few days ago he had spoken to me about how trepidatious I act when he starts playing with me there. He was concerned about it, because he planned to continue to do anal, and he didn’t want it to be a bad experience for me. So he said he was going to take it very, very slowly the next time, and he would make sure that it didn’t hurt at all.


I didn’t tell Richard, but I had a bit of a talk with myself after that. I realized that I needed an attitude adjustment. Even though I have been enjoying anal (all 3 previous times), I have been anxious about it because it is a bit uncomfortable at the beginning each time. Also, I think it still seems a bit…out there, dirty, beyond naughty…like maybe I *shouldn’t* enjoy it.

So I told myself that from now on, when Richard starts to play with my ass, I was just going to relax and enjoy it. No pulling away, no moaning, no re-directing (grin).

Which I did, this morning. I wouldn’t say he went “very, very slowly”, as he had said he would. Unless 5 minutes of foreplay is “very, very slowly”, which it mostly isn’t in this household. (hehe I may get in trouble for that comment!)

And it was great. I relaxed and when it was a teensy bit uncomfortable I told him and he slowed down and gave me a chance to catch my breath. After a few minutes it felt wonderful. It’s so hot, on my knees with my face in the sheets, my ass in the air and him pounding away at me. Purrrrrrrrrrrr. I could have easily thrown the alarm through the window this morning.


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