Training my sub

An interesting day, and one of some significant achievements.

First of all, Amy and I got irritated with each other during a discussion of civil rights vs. personal security. Ironically, we actually have very similar views, but differing debate styles that led to an unfortunate misunderstanding. We made up almost immediately, but it was on my mind, especially since Amy felt really sad about feeling she was a disappointment to me. Which is doubly silly, because I am typically the more difficult to get along with. (Duh).

Anyhow, that evening we had some new rope, and I was working on tying a Karada around her when she felt over heated. We moved outside into cooler air, but then she felt faint, so we moved inside and let her rest on the couch.

I felt we should stop, but Amy was insistent that we continue, and this is where I made a serious mistake. Knowing that she felt bad already for fear of disappointing me, I decided to continue with the Karada, even though I didn’t want too, because I didn’t want Amy to feel upset.

Amy continued to feel faint though, so we stopped, but I was upset with myself for continuing, when I didn’t want to, just because I didn’t want to upset her. We talked about it after, because to me it was dangerously close to an enabling behavior pattern I have been prey to in the past – -overriding my own carefully thought out decisions because my partner wanted me too.

This time I recognized it, and discussed it, and I made it clear to Amy that I had made a mistake, and that in the future I would not allow other considerations to induce me to overrule decisions that I feel are correct, and appropriate.

We did have a wonderful evening, with Amy barely dressed in a thin t-shirt and a sarong, watching “Roman Holiday” and eating cold roast chicken and Amy’s homemade sourdough bread with our fingers, while enjoying a bottle of wine.

After that, I stripped her entirely nude, then put on her new collar that we picked up earlier for her at PetSmart, and she laid on my lap on the couch while we talked about the day. After Amy became slightly chilled, I allowed her to cover herself with the sarong, but not to put any clothing actually on. At one point, the sarong slipped down and revealed her left nipple, and I pulled it down further, to reveal both nipples. For me, this was exciting, because Amy’s nipples are continually at one level of arousal or another, and at this moment they were both actually quite soft, and I pointed it out to her.

Amy became embarrassed, and tried to cover her breasts, and I wouldn’t allow her to do so, and watched as her nipples grew hard with her embarrassment in just a few seconds. Quite a thrill, watching them pucker into a wonderfully erect hardness as I watched, almost like a time lapse photography. I saw them soft once last week as well, and quietly took a picture without alerting her, because that was the first time I had seen them like that. I will post that picture here shortly.

Amy’s breasts and nipples are incredibly responsive, sexually, and I’ll have a separate post in the future just about that. I am so used to seeing them erect, it’s hard to even imagine what they look like soft.


Anyway, we went to sleep, Amy sleeping for the first time in her collar, and in the early morning I woke Amy, played with her nipples as she struggled a bit against the feeling, then decided to take her anally again. The last time after I played with Amy’s ass, I noticed that she has a pattern of feeling stressed when I handle her ass or explore her asshole, even just on the outside, because she is afraid I will do anal with her. So I promised her the next time I fucked her ass I would make it a pain free experience for her.

As best I know, this time was indeed fairly painless for her, and I really enjoyed seeing her face pressed into the bed, the collar around her neck for the first time, my hands on her hips and my cock slowly fucking her ass in the pale light coming through the window. It occurred to me that she would look good with a thong tanline on her ass, so I will get her an extremely skimpy bikini to sunbathe in, and we’ll see some nice tanlines on her ass soon. I want her to sunbathe topless, so her breast tanlines will be far less pronounced, but I think her body will look hot both front and back with thong tanlines. Plus, Amy has never worn a thong bikini, and I think it would be a good experience for her, even if only for sunbathing.

Now that the weather is warming too, I will have her spending more evenings entirely naked, in her collar, as well.


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