A quick outdoor fuck

Without going into too much detail, Amy and I spent the weekend involved with some of her people at work, in a situation that gave us virtually no privacy.

A road trip, as such.

A trip to a remote area, with a pool, so it’s not like we were savagely roughing it, but a few inconveniences nonetheless.

Like not sleeping in privacy.


The first night, we achieved a brief, quiet, surreptitious penetration, but not the actual satisfaction of genuine fucking, although I played with Amy’s nipples until she had a little orgasm from that.

The following night, we took a little detour between locations.

We drove down past a “Closed – No Through Traffic” sign into a little cul-de-sac, in an abandoned construction area for a real estate development that didn’t pan out. We stopped and turned out the lights as twilight gathered, and broke out a bottle of red wine. No glasses, so we just drank it straight out of the bottle, like a couple of teenagers on Saturday Night in their parent’s car. From our vantage point, we could see in all directions. No one could sneak up on us, but then we weren’t exactly hidden from anybody with curiosity, and an inkling to investigate.

Amy figured she’d give me a quick bit of oral, to catch me up on the mini orgasm she’d enjoyed the night before, and we started like that, but before too long I had her jeans off, and her sitting on my lap in the front seat with her lace boy cut panties pulled to one side, fucking as she alternately whimpered and looked out the windows, afraid that someone would see her.

Soon it grew dark enough to shield us from onlookers, and I opened the door and stripped Amy down to nothing but her panties, and fucked her standing as she bent over, her face in the seat of the vehicle, making her wonderful sounds, and her hand s clutching at anything in reach.

You should have seen her ass in the moonlight, with those lace panties pushed to one side as I fucked her – phenomenal!


This position allowed for much more satisfactory usage of her body, and partway through I became distracted by a bright light over my head. I looked up in the sky, and this intense light, as bright as the moon but only one tenth the size or so, was very slowly shifting to the right in the sky above me, like a massive disk that was slowly expanding, and slipping to one side. It didn’t belong there, and it took me a moment to realize that this was a meteor coming almost directly towards us. I grabbed Amy, by the shoulder or hair, I forget which, and tried to pull her up so she could see it, but she mistook my sudden exclamations of excitement as evidence that we had been discovered, and instead buried herself as much as she could out of sight.

The fireball swelled, then burst into a shower of tiny sparks, and then went out. I calmed Amy, and made further use of her, until we decided we had stolen all the time alone together we dared, and drove back to rejoin the others.

I made Amy drive part of the way wearing just the lace panties, just for the erotic novelty of it.

Not sure she enjoyed it as much as I did, however.


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