Finding borders in a D/s relationship

The weekend went very well indeed. I’m starting to take more control away from Amy now, letting our 24.7 D/s find its own borders (if there are any) as we begin to grow as a couple and into our public life.

I find myself handling her body quite casually all the time now. It’s a rare moment when we are together and she is out of reach, and I’ve lately taken to leading her around by grabbing the front of her jeans, hooking a finger in, and pulling her to get her moving.

We’ve had a few minor moment of irritation with each other, but we seem to sort them out quickly, and they always seem to stem from our different ways of communicating. We are learning to understand what each other means when we talk about stuff, and it’s usually when we make inferences about what the other meant that we run into conflict. We are remarkably similar in that we both are direct and straightforward in our speech, and neither of us are used to that in a partner, so occasionally try to guess real meanings behind things, when the real meanings are right up front.

But we are learning.

Great weekend sexually. Dancing Saturday night; and that seemed to set the tone for a long, lingering Sunday morning in bed.

Sometime in the erotic haze of that morning we took this picture. Some time in between fucking, but I really don’t know between which occasions. Again, a long, lingering erotic morning.

God, those nipples.


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