When you realize you aren’t like the other girls…

Really I’ve got about 20 minutes, so I scurried up to our hotel room, hoping against hope that Richard would be here and I could at least get groped up, if not a quickie (he’s not much of a quickie guy; our quickies tend to morph into…what’s the opposite of quickie?)

He’s not here. Wah. That’s why I’m posting a quick blog update instead.

****Serious disruption to blogging caused by Richard coming back to the room and jumping me*****

We’re in New Orleans and, wow, this is serious Sin City. So far we’ve gotten: clover clamps (for nipples), a micro mini schoolgirl skirt, fishnet stockings and…A CORSET (pics to come)!!!


Oh, also a whole bunch of Gor books from a used bookstore. Richard says we can sell them on eBay for a fortune, but I’m keen to read them myself. I’m assuming anyone into D/s knows Gor, but for those who don’t: it’s a series written in I think the 60s and 70s about a planet where women are slaves and men are warriors. Badly written, over the top dramatic, but also dead sexy. My parents had one of them – Slavegirl of Gor, I think – and I read it while still a sprite. One of those early “aha” experiences, when you realize that you aren’t like other girls…

More later!


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