Owning your girl with more cum

What I did was…get up and get dressed and go downstairs and have coffee and get on with my day.

I have some ambivalent feelings about what Richard posted last, and I thought the best way to become more clear would be to write about it. We’ll see if Richard agrees; if this post disappears it’s because he doesn’t lol.

So. On the surface, his post is very hot to me. And being used is hot to me. I love it when Richard takes what he wants, ignoring my protests and pleading.

In fact, I think part of the reason our sexual relationship is so satisfying to me is that I KNOW Richard won’t do anything he doesn’t want to do. Which allows me to relax and enjoy myself; with past partners I was always so concerned that they weren’t doing what they wanted or that they weren’t happy that I couldn’t relax and have fun.

Also, Richard likes to do things that make me feel good. This morning he was playing with me, licking and sucking and teasing for probably an hour. When I came, I thought my head would explode (thankfully, not a migraine this time, just pure bliss).

And he doesn’t just do things for me sexually. Right now he is downstairs making dinner. He sent me up to take a nap because he could tell I was feeling a little tired. He’ll come get me when it’s ready, probably with a glass of wine for me in his hand.

So why am I feeling ambivalent about the last post? Well, I’ve spent most of my adult life in relationships in which I was taken for granted and more or less ignored. This comes a bit close to that for comfort. I don’t ever want to feel taken for granted again. Nevernevernevernevernever.

Richard doesn’t make me feel ignored or taken for granted, so I know this is just me being over-sensitive. But how do I deal with that?

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, it’s also been a crazy busy couple of weeks and we’ve had a lot less sex than we’re used to, because of Richard’s surgery. So I think I’m already feeling a tiny bit distant from Richard, a bit less connected, a bit less owned. Maybe I wouldn’t even have blinked at his post a few weeks ago. I don’t know.

In a way, it reminds me of how I felt when he posted about possibly exploring orgasm denial further. Ugh. I felt like “Wow. Orgasm denial. Gee, I’ve experienced that with partners for many a year.”

You know that saying “Welcome to the new boss. Just like the old boss.” ? That’s what I was thinking.

We talked about it and I think he understood how I was feeling. Hopefully he’ll understand how I feel about this. Maybe I just need a little petting and assuring. Sigh.


Sex life after a reverse vasectomy

My surgery had pretty much healed, it’s a vasectomy reversal so things have been pretty sensitive down there for a bit.

And hence, no penetrative sex.

Plus we have to be careful not to do anything that would damage the newly conjoined vas deferens, as well. Vasa deferentia, to be precise.

The surgeon said that scarring could eventually close off a successful reversal, so not to hold back on attempting to make Amy pregnant once the healing has completed.


Amy has some stuff for timing her ovulation, and the like. I’m figuring that’s nice, but unnecessary. I’m planning to keep her ovaries bathed in sperm, 24.7.

Which leads us to the fuck Amy describes in her last post.

I’m playing with her nipples, and Amy is wriggling and moaning as I touch her. She’s probably figuring on no release, or maybe I’ll make her masturbate and cum, but that’s all.

I tell her to straddle me.

She protests briefly, to of course no avail.

She settles down on my cock, sighing, her eyes half closed.

I hold her hips, pulling her down solidly on my cock.

I start her moving, making her fuck me, making her do the work as I guide her movements with my hands. We slowly pick up the pace, making sure I’m feeling ok and intact. Amy is, well, transcendently ecstatic. I am myself, to a degree, but I’m a man with a mission here.

A whole week berefit of my cock has left Amy with very little resistance, and she begins to become very seriously involved in our fuck. She talks to me, or at least I think she does, but the words make no sense, except for an occasional “no!” I think I hear her say something, but when I ask, she looks at me with unfocused eyes, confused.

I let the moment go by, preoccupied myself now with fucking her, thrusting up into her from below, while shaping and controlling her body by hand pressure. The slightest change in her position changes how my cock feels inside her, and I reshape her every time I start to get too used to one sensation.

By now Amy is lost. She coos, and moans and sighs, her pelvis moving in excited rhythm. I continue to tweak her nipples, and suck her breasts, until she wriggles down in close to me, and starts to bite my shoulder, and beg for me to fuck her.

I’m using her now, I don’t give a fuck what she is feeling as she writhes and scratches and bites me. I block her out of my mind, as my hands hold her ass, her ribcage, her hips, constantly changing the angle of the thrust into her pussy. She’s clearly excited, and while I might like to connect with her when she is this aroused normally, I ignore whatever she is doing with her hands and mouth, and keep my cock working into her. I mold her body into a final position, I don’t even know if she can notice anymore, but for me right now she is no longer Amy, she is simply cunt, cunt that is warm and excited and vulnerable – open to whatever I choose to do to her. I haven’t cum in a week and didn’t expect to today.


I cum.

Pushing up into cunt from below, I cum, as cunt makes some very happy noises above me, that I block out as best I can, while I let her know I am cumming in her, and sink my cock home deep.

I force cunt off my cock, and have her lie beside me, and make her masturbate, knowing that if she orgasms within a half hour or so of my cumming in her it’s supposed to increase chances of conception, or some such thing. I need to research it more, but for now I want her to cum.

She can’t cum.

Too many mini orgasms while fucking me she whimpers, and reaches out to touch a glob of cum left at the base of my cock from our fucking. Cunt rubs it between her fingers, wondering, holding the first potentially fertile cum I’ve released in 19 years.

She lies back, the rest of the cum in her belly.